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Michael Johnson Jr. is an instructor at Washington State University, where he currently teaches both introductory and upper-division interdisciplinary undergraduate courses in the Department of Critical Culture, Race, and Gender Studies. He earned his M.L.A. in social and political thought (University of South Florida) and an M.S. in library and information science (Florida State University).

His book, Tickle My Fancy, Fat Man: Emerging Images of Race and Queer Desire on HBO, is currently under contract with Lexington Press, in its Critical Studies in Television Series. His work can be found in the Journal of Men's Studies and Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, and he has published chapters in edited collections by ABC-Clio, Praeger, Lexington Books, Palgrave Macmillan, Information Age Press, and Cambridge Scholars Press, to name a few.

Future publications include:

  • "'Post Racial' Sexuality and Queer Monstrosity on True Blood," Journal of American Culture, Vol.39, Issue 1, 2016 (Under Review)
  • "Ryan Murphy's Perverse Productions: Nip/Tuck, Glee, and American Horror Story," Journal of Popular Film & Television, Vol.42, No.2, 2014 (Under Review)
    Coauthored with Andrew Stevens

Michael's primary research interests include Foucauldian deployments of power and resistance among sexualities, constructions of masculinity, the intersections of queer and ethnoracial (re)presentations in media and their political economic production.

Michael's teaching interests invariably reflect his research interests; generally he's interested in working with students on American culture, with a particular emphasis in popular cultural exemplars. Because his research generally focuses on mass mediated messages and narratives in particular, he finds those courses to be very rewarding. However he also is interested in and pursues investigations of ethnoracial social constructions which often are contextualized by gender, class, and sexuality – thereby making these lenses of analysis a component of all of the courses that he teaches. In the recent past he has conducted an independent study with student about the representations of racialized masculinity in the Olympics, which capitalizes upon an interdisciplinary scholarship that is at the foundation of his pedagogical and research interests. Political economics; law, civility, and criminal (in)justice; sexual geographies, urbanization, and social stratification (to name a few) are all areas that intrigue and often become components of his pedagogy.

Michael is an avid fresh-water aquarium hobbyist, enjoys listening to the blues, and has unhealthy relationships with Facebook and Gentleman Jack Daniels.

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