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Department of Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

Joseph Herrera

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), American Studies

Born and raised in the arid mountain of the San Luis Valley, I spent my childhood with my loving and supportive family. Growing up Chicano cultivated an ethos of seeking tranquility, humility, sustainability, and communalism. There is nothing more fascinating than being part of the seasons' change, requiring adaptive lifeways and fluid aesthetics. In my free time I like to garden, play guitar and accordion, as well as spending time with my miniature chihuahua Mr. Chato.

Joseph is teaching CES 101, Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies, for spring 2015.

Contact Mr. Herrera
Google 347-762-5621
Wilson-Short Hall 113

Spring 2015 Office Hours

Tuesdays, 1:15–2:15 p.m., and by appointment

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