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  • Dr. John H. Bodley

    Ph.D., University of Oregon
    Regents Professor
    Cultural Anthropology

    Research interests

    Indigenous peoples, cultural ecology, and contemporary issues

    Representative Publications

    John Bodley

    2002 Anthropology and Global Environmental Change. In Encyclopedia of Global Environmental Change. John Wiley and Sons.

    2001 Growth, Scale, and Power in Washington State. Human Organization. 60(4):367-379.


    2000 Cultural Anthropology: Tribes, States, and the Global System, 3rd Edition. Mayfield Publishing Co., Mountain View, CA.

    1999 Victims of Progress, 4th Edition. Mayfield Publishing Co., Mountain View, CA.

    1999 Socioeconomic Growth, Culture Scale, and Household Well-Being: A Test of the Power-Elite Hypothesis. Current Anthropology. 40(5):595-620.

    1996 Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems, 3rd Edition. Mayfield Publishing Co., Mountain View, CA.

    Current, Continuing, and Recent ResearchJohn Bodley

    John H. Bodley [Regents Professor] is a cultural anthropologist with research interests in indigenous peoples, cultural ecology, and contemporary issues. Dr. Bodley (M.A., Ph.D., University of Oregon) conducted field research with the Ashaninka, Conibo, and Shipibo indigenous groups in the Peruvian Amazon throughout his early career. He has visited other indigenous groups in Alaska, Australia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Philippines.John Bodley He has held visiting academic appointments at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (1986), and the University of Uppsala, Sweden (1985). He was a visiting researcher at the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs in Copenhagen (1980). In 1986, Dr. Bodley served on the Tasaday Commission for the University of the Philippines Department of Anthropology in Manila. He was a member (1991-94) of the advisory subcommittee for the human rights section of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility.


    Current Graduate Students

    Due to retirement, Dr. Bodley is no longer accepting new students.

    Dr. John Bodley

    College Hall 230

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