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Cultural Anthropology

The graduate program in cultural anthropology at WSU emphasizes three constellations of subject matter within the broad range of the subdiscipline:

Ecological anthropology
Psychological and medical anthropology
Children, family, and gender

Within these specialties the faculty in cultural anthropology reflect interest and field experience in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, North America, Oceania, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

The cultural anthropology program offers a general MA, an option to pursue M.A. field research in concert with U.S. Peace Corps service in public health (the "Master's International" or "MI" program), and a PhD. Students in the MA and PhD programs are exposed to basic issues in the four fields of American anthropology through core courses in archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics. They are then expected to explore the subdiscipline of cultural anthropology through a variety of required and elective courses within the department, as well as courses in other departments, if such classes are appropriate for their research interests. The PhD in cultural anthropology offers highly individualized training in a variety of areas according to the student's interests and the specializations of the faculty. PhD students are expected to develop research proposals in cooperation with their advisors in order to obtain outside grant support for their doctoral research.

All graduate programs in cultural anthropology emphasize the importance of fieldwork. Both MA and PhD students are expected to conduct original field research as part of their graduate training. Competence in a foreign language at both the MA and PhD levels is required of all students.

Cultural Anthropology Faculty
Dr. Julia Cassaniti

Interests: Psychological anthropology, medical anthropology, cognitive psychology, Theravada Buddism, mental health, religion and ritual, gender, agency, contemporary social issues in Thailand, Southeast Asia

Dr. Barry S. Hewlett

Interests: Medical anthropology, hunters and gatherers, infant and child development, evolutionary cultural anthropology, international development. Sub-Saharan Africa (on the Vancouver campus)

Dr. Jeannette M. Mageo

Interests: Psychological anthropology, self, dreams, cultural memory, historical ethnography, child development and attachment, gender and sexuality, art/artifacts and photography, Oceania and the US.

Dr. Nancy P. McKee

Interests: Cultural anthropology, linguistics, ethnicity, modernization, Third World development, Mexican Americans

Dr. Courtney L. Meehan

Interests:  Hunters and gatherers, evolutionary theory, infant development. Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Marsha B. Quinlan

Interests: Sociocultural anthropology, medical anthropology, Ethnobotany, ethnomedicine, psychological anthropology, maternal and child health. Caribbean, South America, Africa

Dr. Robert Quinlan

Interests:  Behavioral ecology, psychological and medical anthropology, ethnographic science, vulnerability and resilience, mixed methods, collaborative research, Africa

Dr. Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber

Interests: Gender and work, art, colonialism, cinema. South Asia (on the Vancouver campus)

Temporary faculty:
Dr. Shila Baksi

Interests: Linguistic anthropology, linguistics, culture change, untouchables, gender and culture. India


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