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    The zooarchaeology laboratory provides a rich, on-site resource for graduate student research projects. The laboratory houses over 400 comparative skeletal specimens of terrestrial and marine fauna from western North America and Alaska.

    The Charles R. Conner Vertebrate Museum (Abelson Hall room 101) hold's some 65,000 comparative skeletal specimens from terrestrial and marine mammals, avifauna and reptiles from Western North America. Several ethnoarchaeological faunal collections (from Africa and South America) are housed in an adjacent laboratory for taphonomic reference.


    Student in zooarch lab

    Access to these facilities provides a unique source of comparative materials for zooarchaeological research and analysis including a binocular Nikon microscope. Desk space for graduate student projects and storage space for research materials is available. Adjacent wet laboratory facilities provide space and equipment for specimen preparation in College Hall.


    Additional preparation equipment and a dermestid colony are available at the Conner Museum.

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